Our Services Social Bridge will help you build meaningful relationships by incorporating effective digital engagement that will grow your brand and increase your influence. Rather than focusing on notching off 1,000 Likes and doubling your Twitter followers in a set time, we strengthen your fan base and improve how you connect to your community. Digital online media allows you to break down the walls and tell your story like never before. We offer 3 different packages that can help the beginner who just wants to open social media accounts to the established business that needs a social media strategy that connects with their offline marketing.
Why Hello!
Create and polish up to 3 Social Media profiles. We will help you design a short term and long term plan. Grow!
Build your already existing platforms with a strategy that organizes your offline and online marketing and develop a social media time management system. Nitty Gritty!
Get down and dirty with your digital presence with this custom plan by digging into multifaceted content calendars and creative digital campaigns.
This package offers 3, one-hour, sessions with a consultant. Together you will open and polish 3 Social Media profiles. You will design a short term and long term plan for interacting and building a client base. You business will begin to interact on Social Media platforms with the help of your consultant.
GROW! If you already have a foundation and are looking for more from your Social Media interactions this package is for you. We will help you create a short term and long term marketing plan that is consistent with your offline marketing. This package will first develop your social strategy then move into maintenance and oversight to keep you on the right path!
You are already rocking a Social Media platform but now it’s time to take it all to the next level by extending your reach and adding more platforms that are right for your brand. Social Bridge provides a review of your current online presence and offers guidance for the next step. We will help you create a detailed content calendar that will organize your messages and focus your engagement where it is needed most.


Design Your Own! Every business is different! If you think you want a plan tailored just to you we can make that happen. Social Bridge is committed to helping you reach your goals. If that means we meet more, focus on one platform, or help you with posting we're here to help. If you would like to design your own plan, please reach out to us for a proposal.
Featured Discussion Tune in here to find out what is happening on Twitter (which we call the Digital Global Cocktail Party) and Instagram. We control these widgets from our personal accounts and change them depending on what’s going on in our digital world. From Twitter chats such as our Tuesday night #ackchat to trending topics, we want you to interact with us. Jump in the discussion, don’t be shy
TUMBLR. Don't have a blog? Start one on your website or use a 3rd party platform such as Tumblr and integrate into your overall marketing plan. No need to write a dissertation in order to tell your story well. Good content comes in many different forms, and a blog should be one of them!


Here’s what we think about the following platforms and why you should be one them!
FACEBOOK This is your digital back yard barbecue. Your community, your brand supporters, your fans are all invited. Reward them with updates and reminders and keep them talking, and thinking, about you. PINTEREST The fastest growing social media platform around! Visually wow your digital community and continue to give them ideas on how best to use your services. LINKEDIN Put on your 3 piece suit and show the world what you’re good at. This platform continues to add functionality that allows to better build your brand. You and your business should be at this water cooler. GOOGLE + Don’t be afraid, this platform is not to be forgotten. Remember…Google +, Google Places, Youtube, and Google Search are all connected! VINE Mobile video is new and growing at an alarming rate. Use your 6 seconds wisely with this fun app that inbeds nicely in Twitter. KLOUT Pretty simple, have your influence measured. This platform quantifies your influence with a score, it looks at your level of digital interaction and influence via social media and NOT how many followers come in each month. INSTAGRAM Extend your brand visually and have fun doing it…and yeah, they have video now too! FOURSQUARE Reward your customers with “check-in” campaigns such as loyalty programs, friend specials, flash specials, and other creative incentives.
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